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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New single + video: "PARIS"
Hiya people!

We got a new single out, and it's got quite a festive video to go with it. My friends over at Flicker Factory made it, and I hope it will make you all happy. We sure had fun making it, as did those of you who took part in it (I hope). We did things kinda backwards recording the video before the song, so that's why it took so long to finish... Please share it with your friends, if you feel they'll be up for the party. .

Click here to watch!

They're playing the tune on the radio too, and you can buy it at all your favorite online shops if you feel like it...

As a matter of fact, we got the whole album finished and ready to go. It's been grumpy gay times in the studio with Kid Plexi mixing and dubbing and nursing the tunes these last couple of months. We now have 19 songs finished, but let's see how many will make it to the album. Not that they're not all utterly brilliant, but I'm told we've reached the overkill limit long ago. Didn't they say that about the white album? I'm still contemplating... Anyway, we've got songs about science, pirates, the fashion industry, credit cards, ThisSpace, ourselves, politics, internet porn, fellow bands and drinking. Plus probably a 1000 other things even less clever... Damn right and we got some very fancy ass guest stars onboard and not your typical assholes either. Mike Bennewitz is doing the cover over in San Fran this moment and I hope it will look like a party. He also did our Grinding Light cover, remember? What a winner. Homeboy Anders Schumann will be mastering the whole thing in a weeks time, so we can all chill out until the release in august.
By the way, I'm thinking of calling the album "Yo!"... will that work?

In between all this album hoola hooping, we've done the occasional gig, and I feel we're slowly but surely getting in shape for the Roskilde gigs. New kid Aristokid is really starting to melt in, or we're all starting to shape up to her level, depending on how arrogant you wanna be.
I'm writing my ass off for the big classical "Slaces To The Truth" Roskilde bonanza. 30 people playing an hours worth of music requires quite a few notes... Universe is helping me out, and we're uncovering new aspects to the tunes everyday. Yihaaa.

Oh if everyone by chance is going to SPOT festival this year, drop by Lise Westzynthius's show. I'll be doing a couple of songs with her and I can't wait. It's gonna be tender and killer... (? Now how is that possible?)

Anyone who's an old sucker for NoFX like myself will take great pleasure in viewing their tv show Backstage Passport. I'm in heaven. We've got a new song called "Viagra Wars" that's right of their book. Anyway fuck that and go watch it.

Love Love Love
I'll see you all soon. We're playing at Rust in a couple of weeks, and I suspect it will be a fun fun night.

Life is grand!


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