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Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's official!

We're playing at this year's ROSKILDE FESTIVAL, and with no less than 3 different shows: The Pop, The Grind and The Symphony. Damn, I hope we don't get placed right on top of Slayer or Neil Young, so all of you fine people won't be able to make it... What am I talking about, of course you'll make it. The dinosaurs can wait when your favorite idiots are throwing a party, no three parties... This thing is fuckin nuts, we're the first ever Danish band, no bands, to land this gig, following in the footsteps of our heroes Elvis Costello, Mike Patton and Bill Laswell. Thank you Roskilde, it's an honour and we won't let you down!

I'm so excited, and I know I speak for everyone involved in this crazy outfit. I've isolated myself this week in a nice summerhouse and started writing the scores for the grand classical extravaganza, that will be the final and concluding show for us at the festival. 30 people and 16 songs require a lot of notes. We're trying to make it a true symphonic rendition, not the typical rockband with candy on top. In fact, there'll be no rockband at all. Headbanger, Universe and my homeboy Jakob from our glorious labelmates Windermere are helping me organize the thing, and so far we have top players and singers on all posts. A mix of classical, rock and jazz players, so we'll be able to cover as much ground as possible. The set will feature a bunch of never-heard-before-too-bizarre-to-go-on-the-album-type songs as well as new and spicy versions of tracks from "Rich Freedom Flavour" and the upcoming one. Oh, and I'll be joined by some if not THE most beautiful voices in DK, my homies Lise Westzynthius, Jacob Bellens and Marie Key. Just to make it all the more exciting. What a treat.

This last weekend I had the pleasure of attending both the Tue West and Jaconfetti shows in Vega. I love seeing my friends do well. Both were heartwarming experiences and great expasions to what you hear on the records. I love it. "Fejlfriheden" might be the best tune ever in Danish. Go get it now.

Right now my friend Holtoug is recording this fancy new rock n roll band Twins Twins in my studio, I helped do the basic sound and these guys can really play (Even though they shamelessly sport the now infamous Joy Division HiHat) ! So keep an eye out for them... I hear the long haired drunk womanizer from Figurines is managing them. Always nice to have someone to blame if things go wrong. Shut up, Mads, you know I love you.

What else... Yeah I saw Delicatessen for the first time ever yesterday, and it was awesome. Anyone got ideas for covertunes ? Anything goes...

Oh and wait till you hear the new album, it's shamelessly unhip and absolutely wonderful. We might end up just putting all 19 tracks on there, cause they're all brilliant. Me and Thomas the promoguy, who's bald and pissed off and looks like Tom (you know helpful MySpace Tom, who we also have a furious song about) will present the first single, "Paris" to the Radio guys next week. Maybe they'll play it once or twice? I hope so.

What a blabber,


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