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Monday, November 3, 2008

Tjeklisten! + 4 new one-off shows!

Our newest single 'The Circuits Of Your Mind' were tested for DR P3's Tjeklisten yesterday, which
means I have to ask you kindly for your vote once again. Please please please :D

All you need to do is follow the instructions HERE (Danish). Or, to make it even simpler, send an email to tjeklisten@dr.dk with these five numbers: 26 25 33 23 2 (my recommendations) and your name and address.
AND you can sms 'TJEK 26 25 33 23 2' to 1212 (DK only).

Thanks a bunch! Entering the chart would mean a great deal to us :D

Bigups to everyone who showed up at our 3-in-1 show last wednesday. We all thoroughly enjoyed the great vibe in the room, and it's definitely not the last time you'll be seeing those various new constellations. View pictures from the event HERE

I've added 4 new Copenhagen shows to our calender, none of which feature our regular setup. No sir, this autumn each gig is something new.

On wednesday 5th (@ Musikcaféen), Kid Universe and I will play an acoustic lo-fi set of AKH favorites and a bunch of covertunes spanning from Nofx to Bodebrixen to Elvis Costello. We'll also throw in a special Quiz courtesy of Mr Universe, where you'll be able to win a copy of 'YO!'.

On Saturday 8th, I'll be doing an impro-session with a bunch of other people participating in this years Wundergrund Festival, including some insane germans. I don't really know what to expect from this.

Next Thursday 13th (@ Christianshavns beboerhus), I'll be resurrecting my old punkjazz outfit DO DRUGS (with my friends Eddie Confetti and Laura Toxværd) for a show devoted entirely to tunes by Charlie Parker. Since the material is very much the essence of bebob, it's quite hard to twist it in other directions, but we'll be trying our best.

Next saturday 15th (@ Amager Bio), AKH In The Grinding Light will make a special opening performance at this years Danish Metal Awards. Topping the bill is my old heroes Carcass, so this night is a must for everyone with an old love for extreme metal like myself. I believe MTV will be airing the show, in case you'd rather stay home. To promote the show a few days before, I'll be appearing on DR Boogie and TV2's 'Godaften Danmark' (on the 11th)...
Be sure to tune in!

I hope to see your smiling face at one or two of the upcoming shows.

Lots of love!

Monday, October 6, 2008

New album "YO!" is out today! (plus listeners guide)

Our new album "Yo!" is out TODAY.
You can order your own copy HERE in case you're too lazy to visit the shops.

Here's a little song by song listeners guide...


--- YO! ---
Might be the stupidest song we’ve ever done.
It’s a little social commentary about stubbornness. People in constant control gotta be hiding something and need a little taunting.
I liked the wordcombo of yes and no, and it sets the stage for an album that doesn’t beat you with fixed clear opinions but explores the fun in between.
The guitar riff in th bridge and outtro is the best I’ve ever written. Makes AC/DC sound like Shakespeare!

--- GIRLY PIE ---
Woa, second song, and already we’re lanching into hippie land. What’s up?
This song is an exotic story of a pot stimulated pseudogay competitative flirt. Pop music anyone could relate to, right?
Kid Universe supplied the Morriconish instrumental part to make this a complete track in the last minute.
My mom thinks this is the big hit in the bunch.

--- Don Wannabe ---
This is an in-your-face drinking song, our take on “the classic party tune”, complete with drumchase and a surfing guitar solo… Actually more like a drank-too-much-to-the-point-where-you’re-stuck-in-the-bathroom-seeing-double kinda song. Hardly a big booze advertisement, though I believe it’s fun to listen to when you’re drunk :D

--- Zero Is My Favorite Number ---
When my dear crazy friend, label and co-writer Maurice came with this idea, I knew we had a winner. The tune reaches almost religious heights in it’s attempt to pin down the absurdness of defining “nothing”. In my opinion the most poetic song on the album.
Musically, the track was inspired by a tune by Siouxie & The Banshees that has a similar beat, which we’d never tried before. It takes some very proggy twists and turns though, we can’t hep ourselves:D
Check out Headbanger doing the tennis announcer after the second chorus of the song, and stay tuned for a hopefully hilarious video coming up in a few weeks!

--- The Circuits Of Your Mind ---
Originally this wasn’t meant to be an AKH song, since I found it way to corny and straightforward But when I played it to the guys, everyone agreed we certainly could go this far. Tastefulness just aint our turf I guess. The song even had the working title of “Cheese” right up until the final mix. This song was definitely a lesson of “facing your demons” for us, and fortunately RebekkaMaria shared the belief that no style of music is bad in itself if done right… And thus we conquered the highly controversial of the powerballad. Meaning of course that this aint no parody, this is true love!
Lyrically the duet is a lovesong about a nerdy couple, that might be able to interact and project their respective colorful personalities and fantasies online, but have no clue what to do in real life.

--- Paris ---
This is our twisted teen homage song, praising a new generation of kids, that are ably to navigate the complex superficial media bombardement without losing the sense of meaning in life. Or something like that. The hookline “When I say Paris, you don’t say France” is more a mocking of old fucks having no trust in the cultural debth of the kids of today. As always, we argue both ways, but this is my intented meaning of the song. Power to the kids!
We made a fun video to this song, as it was the first single off the album. It’s probably the most straight ahead rock tune on here, and one of the first of these new tunes to go in the live set.

--- Defenders Of The Faith ---
My personal favorite on the album. While deeply emerged in the making of the Grinding Light album, I felt it would be fun to try and incorperate the same kind of beats and breaks into a more melodic and symphonic tune, and this is what came out.
Lyrically, it’s pisstaking of religious leaders and demagogs, that could just as easily relate to rockstars or whoever puts themselves in a position of leadership. These are the guys that corrupt the very message they’re preaching, not the faith itself.
The song combines almost all the different inspirations I’ve had for AKH since the beginning, and very much satisfies my aspiration for hectic musical insanity.

--- Men On Emotional Oceans ---
Kid Universe kept pounding the idea that we should have a pirate song, and so we put this very silly and simple lala demo together. It pretty much stayed at the bottom of the pile until very late in the process, when the lyrical attack on fashion and stubborn male stereotypes injected some sense to the track. It’s the only song on the album that was mainly composed in the studio after having recorded the bass and drums as a wildcard track that noone quite knew the direction of.
The monster guestperformance of Jakob Bellens and the stacking of 20 celloes all made for the grand odd man out on the album.

--- We Are Western ---
Here’s a little quirky commentary about sexual powerplays and the trials and tribulations of relationships. In this story, the female clearly comes out on top.
It’s a straightforward cheery boogie number with a notorious progged out bridge featuring our proud candidate for “the worlds’ longest drumfill”. Go Handsome Go!

--- Compressed and Compiled ---
Shut up about your social paranoia. Be nice and be happy. What a naïve statement, but wrapped nicely in surreal and pisstaking imagery. We’re here to taste your manliness tonight?
Musically inspired by They Might Be Giants’ “Experimental Film”, this song first comes off as one of the more serious tunes on the album, though the lyrics and woa woa parts kinda run hogwild…The chorus is about as hillbillish as we get this time around, but it sure has a good feeling to it. My dear neurotic friend Michael Hartmann from Danish folkpop duo Hush spiced up the track with some twangy guitar melodies as he was hanging round the studio during the mix.

--- Viagra Wars ---
Our first straight-up-no-nonsense punk rock tune about old white crooks, corruption etc.
It’s a true genrepiece, probably the “cleanest” tune on here, and a bit of an aesthetic sidestep perhaps. In the middle of all the multilayered madness, it seemed like such a nice little bomb.

--- Teenage God ---
This is an old song from before the “Rich Freedom Flavour” album, but we’ve played it live from time to time and thought we should give it a try once more. It’s about this dude who’s become a deity in his own world because of his command of the chicks. Sort of an ironic sex versus religion song.
Kid Handsomes elabororate percussion work made this tune rise above the bar line for me. Also Kid Universe finally got to flash his slapping skills. All making for a little sidestep from the general “rock” vibe. Especially the bonged out outtro jam seemed very fitting on the album, almost mocking the grandeur on some of the other tunes, including itself (is that an enigma or what?).

--- Particles Of Joy And Music ---
Originally a psychedelic scifi drug fiend song, this was soon turned into a actual science song filled with pi and electrons and what not.
This was the first song I wrote with the sole intention making it fun to play live, which later became the mantra for this whole process. It’s also the song that first got my dear co-producer Kristian Thomsen aka Kid Plexi fired up about the in-your-face American Idiotish direction of the production.

--- Hey I Really Like Your Band ---
This has to win the cake for being the craziest AKH tune ever. I think it was the hookline that finally got the pieces to fit, allowing it to depart from all logic in a way… It’s about the love for music as a breathing living breathing thing among us. Even if it’s a frantic progmetal song bathed in psychotic saxophone cascades. Big shoutouts to Marius Neset on the tenor for his mad skills. This really is a treat for the nerds.

--- Homemade Drum Machine ---
Concluding the album, this little folksy epilogue is again a tribute to the young mind and spirit. In fact, if you really want to squeeze a theme onto this album as whole, it’s gotta be just that: pass the torch with great optimism for the new generations. Dumbass and naïve? Damn right, but full of love.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

At it again
Hiya folks!

What a beautiful summer this has truly been. I actually got to relax quite a bit in between the occasional studio gig... made it through an entire season of 24 in 4 days, how about that?
Now I'm back in grown up mode though (well almost) getting up early, working out, and gearing up for the forthcoming release of our new album "YO!" (preorder it HERE) as well as preparing for various soon to be revealed AKH activitites later in the fall...

To begin with we got a new single out, "The Circuits Of Your Mind", that I believe is already tornadoing through the airwaves of Danish P3... It features our dear RebekkaMaria on vocals alongside yours truly (hey). It's a lovey dovey power ballad, which is something quite new for us. About webnerds not quite able to translate their freaky online gestures into real life. Or something like that - you make up your own mind... It'll be featured on the album in a bit longer and way more boring version along with 14 other songs about the light side and mysterious questions of life.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of being invited to the fabulous national radio along with my friend Pato, as we were given the challenge of making a track together in just 1 hour. Quite a fun experience, and we both agreed to definitely take the collaboration further once the time and liquor level is right. In the meantime you can all go wiggle your toes and scratch your heads to hour quasi masterpiece Here.

Remember to get tickets for our 2 shows in october, we just added your other favorite group of party people, SPEkTR, to the bill, so it'll be 2 nights to remember!

17/10 Lille Vega, Copenhagen - TICKETS
18/10 Musikcaféen, Aarhus

Open for business and love once again,
Your hippy happy huggy bear
a kid hereafter,The Shadow

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Coming down
Sweet baby jesus playing our 70 songs at the 3 shows at Roskilde was heartwarming and overwhelming! I sincerely hope all of you shiny people who attended the shows were feeling the love as much as we were. It's quite baffling having spent the last two years playing small nearly empty clubs and then suddenly hearing 2000 smiling people singing "I JUST WANNA PLAY DRUMS" back at you... Thanks!
I've spent 2 days chilling on my couch, only going out to get my teeth fixed (! - royally too, drill and everything...). It's a weird feeling having 2 months of hard work now over and done with in just three short days of bliss and confetti and new friends... Then again it's not really done with, since we now have ourselves a steadygoing third band, The Slaves To Truth, which I hope we'll be able to do some fall shows with in a more suitable setting than right next to Slayer on a sunday afternoon (!) Let's see. It's always fun to expand and what better vehicle than one of the world's finest music festivals :D I always visioned this as a oneoff project thingy, but everyone involved enjoyed the music and each other too much for it to end here. What a lucky bunch we are!

Some nice people already uploaded clips to youtube, check em out on youtube. There'll also be a crapload of pics for you to see very soon. If anyone else got some pics or videos, don't hesitate to throw them up somewhere, maybe even on myspace TV? Quite a few of you honeys recorded the tune "Viagra Wars", please send that to me at frederik@akidhereafter.com and we'll make a video out of it as promised :D

Also check out our first really really bad and quite funny review ever (in danish), what a grumpy dude. I'm keeping my hopes up, though - "Less funny jokes" and "ordinary poprock"... wow, sounds like top 10 to me :D --- 'Bout time someone set the record straight! We never meant to reflect fashion or good taste, in fact quite the opposite.

I encourage everyone to check out the various special guests, who we were honored to feature in our classical show, here are some links:

Body Lotion & The Bloody Hands
Lise Westzynthius
Jacob Bellens
Marie Key

There are also some webthingy interviews up here and there for those of you with way too much time on your hands.

Love and hugs and endless couch potatoing,

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New single + video: "PARIS"
Hiya people!

We got a new single out, and it's got quite a festive video to go with it. My friends over at Flicker Factory made it, and I hope it will make you all happy. We sure had fun making it, as did those of you who took part in it (I hope). We did things kinda backwards recording the video before the song, so that's why it took so long to finish... Please share it with your friends, if you feel they'll be up for the party. .

Click here to watch!

They're playing the tune on the radio too, and you can buy it at all your favorite online shops if you feel like it...

As a matter of fact, we got the whole album finished and ready to go. It's been grumpy gay times in the studio with Kid Plexi mixing and dubbing and nursing the tunes these last couple of months. We now have 19 songs finished, but let's see how many will make it to the album. Not that they're not all utterly brilliant, but I'm told we've reached the overkill limit long ago. Didn't they say that about the white album? I'm still contemplating... Anyway, we've got songs about science, pirates, the fashion industry, credit cards, ThisSpace, ourselves, politics, internet porn, fellow bands and drinking. Plus probably a 1000 other things even less clever... Damn right and we got some very fancy ass guest stars onboard and not your typical assholes either. Mike Bennewitz is doing the cover over in San Fran this moment and I hope it will look like a party. He also did our Grinding Light cover, remember? What a winner. Homeboy Anders Schumann will be mastering the whole thing in a weeks time, so we can all chill out until the release in august.
By the way, I'm thinking of calling the album "Yo!"... will that work?

In between all this album hoola hooping, we've done the occasional gig, and I feel we're slowly but surely getting in shape for the Roskilde gigs. New kid Aristokid is really starting to melt in, or we're all starting to shape up to her level, depending on how arrogant you wanna be.
I'm writing my ass off for the big classical "Slaces To The Truth" Roskilde bonanza. 30 people playing an hours worth of music requires quite a few notes... Universe is helping me out, and we're uncovering new aspects to the tunes everyday. Yihaaa.

Oh if everyone by chance is going to SPOT festival this year, drop by Lise Westzynthius's show. I'll be doing a couple of songs with her and I can't wait. It's gonna be tender and killer... (? Now how is that possible?)

Anyone who's an old sucker for NoFX like myself will take great pleasure in viewing their tv show Backstage Passport. I'm in heaven. We've got a new song called "Viagra Wars" that's right of their book. Anyway fuck that and go watch it.

Love Love Love
I'll see you all soon. We're playing at Rust in a couple of weeks, and I suspect it will be a fun fun night.

Life is grand!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's official!

We're playing at this year's ROSKILDE FESTIVAL, and with no less than 3 different shows: The Pop, The Grind and The Symphony. Damn, I hope we don't get placed right on top of Slayer or Neil Young, so all of you fine people won't be able to make it... What am I talking about, of course you'll make it. The dinosaurs can wait when your favorite idiots are throwing a party, no three parties... This thing is fuckin nuts, we're the first ever Danish band, no bands, to land this gig, following in the footsteps of our heroes Elvis Costello, Mike Patton and Bill Laswell. Thank you Roskilde, it's an honour and we won't let you down!

I'm so excited, and I know I speak for everyone involved in this crazy outfit. I've isolated myself this week in a nice summerhouse and started writing the scores for the grand classical extravaganza, that will be the final and concluding show for us at the festival. 30 people and 16 songs require a lot of notes. We're trying to make it a true symphonic rendition, not the typical rockband with candy on top. In fact, there'll be no rockband at all. Headbanger, Universe and my homeboy Jakob from our glorious labelmates Windermere are helping me organize the thing, and so far we have top players and singers on all posts. A mix of classical, rock and jazz players, so we'll be able to cover as much ground as possible. The set will feature a bunch of never-heard-before-too-bizarre-to-go-on-the-album-type songs as well as new and spicy versions of tracks from "Rich Freedom Flavour" and the upcoming one. Oh, and I'll be joined by some if not THE most beautiful voices in DK, my homies Lise Westzynthius, Jacob Bellens and Marie Key. Just to make it all the more exciting. What a treat.

This last weekend I had the pleasure of attending both the Tue West and Jaconfetti shows in Vega. I love seeing my friends do well. Both were heartwarming experiences and great expasions to what you hear on the records. I love it. "Fejlfriheden" might be the best tune ever in Danish. Go get it now.

Right now my friend Holtoug is recording this fancy new rock n roll band Twins Twins in my studio, I helped do the basic sound and these guys can really play (Even though they shamelessly sport the now infamous Joy Division HiHat) ! So keep an eye out for them... I hear the long haired drunk womanizer from Figurines is managing them. Always nice to have someone to blame if things go wrong. Shut up, Mads, you know I love you.

What else... Yeah I saw Delicatessen for the first time ever yesterday, and it was awesome. Anyone got ideas for covertunes ? Anything goes...

Oh and wait till you hear the new album, it's shamelessly unhip and absolutely wonderful. We might end up just putting all 19 tracks on there, cause they're all brilliant. Me and Thomas the promoguy, who's bald and pissed off and looks like Tom (you know helpful MySpace Tom, who we also have a furious song about) will present the first single, "Paris" to the Radio guys next week. Maybe they'll play it once or twice? I hope so.

What a blabber,

Thursday, January 31, 2008

+++ GRIND +++ Interview and free guestlist
Yo all you fresh blastbeat-loving homo homies!

Go HERE to read a long and thorough interview about everything you would possibly want to know about the grinding light... It's Metal Revolution time, baby!

Freddy (Not the glove guy, but the love guy)

Oh, yeah and we got free guestlist tomorrow, so write me at grind@akidhereafter.com before 4 and you'll be on it!


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