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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

At it again
Hiya folks!

What a beautiful summer this has truly been. I actually got to relax quite a bit in between the occasional studio gig... made it through an entire season of 24 in 4 days, how about that?
Now I'm back in grown up mode though (well almost) getting up early, working out, and gearing up for the forthcoming release of our new album "YO!" (preorder it HERE) as well as preparing for various soon to be revealed AKH activitites later in the fall...

To begin with we got a new single out, "The Circuits Of Your Mind", that I believe is already tornadoing through the airwaves of Danish P3... It features our dear RebekkaMaria on vocals alongside yours truly (hey). It's a lovey dovey power ballad, which is something quite new for us. About webnerds not quite able to translate their freaky online gestures into real life. Or something like that - you make up your own mind... It'll be featured on the album in a bit longer and way more boring version along with 14 other songs about the light side and mysterious questions of life.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of being invited to the fabulous national radio along with my friend Pato, as we were given the challenge of making a track together in just 1 hour. Quite a fun experience, and we both agreed to definitely take the collaboration further once the time and liquor level is right. In the meantime you can all go wiggle your toes and scratch your heads to hour quasi masterpiece Here.

Remember to get tickets for our 2 shows in october, we just added your other favorite group of party people, SPEkTR, to the bill, so it'll be 2 nights to remember!

17/10 Lille Vega, Copenhagen - TICKETS
18/10 Musikcaféen, Aarhus

Open for business and love once again,
Your hippy happy huggy bear
a kid hereafter,The Shadow


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It's impressive, how A Kid Hereafter can conjure up little hooky melodies from virtually everything he touches" - Soundvenue (4/6)

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"Hitpotential and hyperenergy" - Ekstra Bladet

"... Beck's pop/punk grandcousin" - Undertoner (4/6)

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