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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Coming down
Sweet baby jesus playing our 70 songs at the 3 shows at Roskilde was heartwarming and overwhelming! I sincerely hope all of you shiny people who attended the shows were feeling the love as much as we were. It's quite baffling having spent the last two years playing small nearly empty clubs and then suddenly hearing 2000 smiling people singing "I JUST WANNA PLAY DRUMS" back at you... Thanks!
I've spent 2 days chilling on my couch, only going out to get my teeth fixed (! - royally too, drill and everything...). It's a weird feeling having 2 months of hard work now over and done with in just three short days of bliss and confetti and new friends... Then again it's not really done with, since we now have ourselves a steadygoing third band, The Slaves To Truth, which I hope we'll be able to do some fall shows with in a more suitable setting than right next to Slayer on a sunday afternoon (!) Let's see. It's always fun to expand and what better vehicle than one of the world's finest music festivals :D I always visioned this as a oneoff project thingy, but everyone involved enjoyed the music and each other too much for it to end here. What a lucky bunch we are!

Some nice people already uploaded clips to youtube, check em out on youtube. There'll also be a crapload of pics for you to see very soon. If anyone else got some pics or videos, don't hesitate to throw them up somewhere, maybe even on myspace TV? Quite a few of you honeys recorded the tune "Viagra Wars", please send that to me at frederik@akidhereafter.com and we'll make a video out of it as promised :D

Also check out our first really really bad and quite funny review ever (in danish), what a grumpy dude. I'm keeping my hopes up, though - "Less funny jokes" and "ordinary poprock"... wow, sounds like top 10 to me :D --- 'Bout time someone set the record straight! We never meant to reflect fashion or good taste, in fact quite the opposite.

I encourage everyone to check out the various special guests, who we were honored to feature in our classical show, here are some links:

Body Lotion & The Bloody Hands
Lise Westzynthius
Jacob Bellens
Marie Key

There are also some webthingy interviews up here and there for those of you with way too much time on your hands.

Love and hugs and endless couch potatoing,


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