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Monday, May 26, 2008


Said The Shark- Spot Festival- June 7 22:00

A Kid Hereafter- Roskilde festival July 4-5-6- 12 midnight

Said the Shark are playing at this years Spot festival on June 7th at 22.00
in Arhus Denmark, they just played in England over the weekend.Maya Saxell
is Canadian and came to Denmark to record an album-maybe Spot will be her ticket out of here.

Labels and agents will eventually notice that Said The Shark have released two critically acclaimed albums in Denmark-"Always Prattling on About Wolves" and Silly Killings". Quality records have a way of rising to the top. Live, the band invites you into the dream like world of Maya Saxell standing front and center with her guitar.

In a cool calm and collective way Maya tells her stories with her rich and distinctive voice. The band joins in beautifully to lead her melancholic march, they are; Kim Oxlund guitars keyboards and gadgets: Rasmus Kabelka bass : Mikkel Langlo drums : Hans Kjelstrup guitars.

A Kid Hereafter-

Frederik Thaae and crew are rehearsing like mad to prepare for all three shows at Roskilde festival 2008 . The will play July 4th,5th.6th at midnight-check the program.

Roskilde festival is maybe the coolest festival in the world.
They have been non-profit right from the start and support many worthy causes.

Oh by the way AKH just finished the new album, due out in August. Danish National radio is playing the new single "Paris". Folks we have to confess the new album is a monster. You can check out he video for Paris here.

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