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Monday, March 17, 2008

Said the Shark - Silly Killings reviews

Jens Østergaard - WHERE2GO MAGAZINE - 5 stars

When Said the Shark released their debut album Always Prattling On About Wolves in 2006, it was as a duo consisting of Canadian Maya Saxell and Danish Kim Oxlund. The two are still the core of this follow-up, but they are surrounded by a myriad of musicians, contributing with everything from mandolin and shouting to sounds made by squeaking doors and household appliances. The sound is still offbeat, windy and fairytale-esq, like the pages of an old childrens book, but Said the Shark's universe has become more complex and chaotic - a development that definitely doesn't make the project any less appealing.

Jeppe Krogsgaard Christensen - BERLINGSKE TIDENDE - 5 stars

One of the finest albums of 2006 came from Danish-Canadian Said the Shark, who debuted a held back, almost crawling beauty.

The debut avoided the big fireworks and trusted instead that the listener would discover the instrumental details lying under the calm surface. And then there were Maya Saxell's vocals with a sensuality like Cat Power and an intensity like Under Byen's Henriette Sennevaldt. On Silly Killings these virtues are still intact and at the same time a few noise bursts have found their way into the creaking, whispering and jangling of the songs... All made with a delicate intuition, paired with Saxell's piercing verses; "Simon said, 'kiss me, I'll give you a penny.' You thought he said 'Kick me,' and you gave him plenty" can be heard on the album, and that's a fine example of how Said the Shark strays from the ordinary. Blissful.

Henrik Nilsson - KBH MAGAZINE - 5 stars

Said the shark is both a quirky and a liberating addition to the Danish music scene.

In the stream of fashionable and well-produced bands with hit upon hit, they are something else with their slowly working and hypnotizing lo-fi rock. It's not completely Danish... Canadian Maya Saxell's, at times, mumbling and whispering vocals, in all their poetic beauty, grip and spellbind. Since the 2006 debut more musicians and instruments have been added, but it's still the calm and simple that is the bands very big force. Breathtaking.

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said the shark debut album Oct 2006

Album of the year (national tv-show Liga)
Among the top ten Danish albums of 2006 (Danish national radio)
Among the top ten albums of 2006 (Soundvenue Magazine)

An album so subtle and beautiful, the quiet release of Said the Shark´s debut album "Always Prattling on About Wolves" will only add to the mystery surrounding the band. Canadian singer & songwriter Maya Saxell teams up with Danish Kim Oxlund to deliver a record described as rare. Maya has received high praise for her quirky and clever use of the language. The tracks you can hear on the Iwave player speak for themselves.

"Hauntingly artful, Said The Shark captures the excitement of gifted young artists taking flight. It makes you nostalgic for something you've never had. These aren't just lovely songs; they're elegant, poetic, and most important (and most unusual these days), truthful." -David Gilmour, Winner of Canada's Governor-General's Award for Fiction."

.Gaffa Magazine
"...Beautiful instrumental adornments wonderfully and discreetly point to Saxell's vocal qualities... The calm is slowly transformed into a kind of melancholic magic... very exhilarating for the listening ear..."

Soundvenue Magazine
"... A subtle and tenderly worked album... Saxell's amazingly beautiful, near-whispering voice sends tickles and shivers down your spine... They create a fragile, trembling universe... in its own crushing, level-headed manner, the stillness never becomes boring. Said The Shark has a disarming nerve and a heartfelt presence while an underlying layer of teasing hesitation holds your interest and pushes you below the dead-calm surface"

Denmark's National Radio P3
"... A quiet and mysterious album from start to finish... Conscientious and enchanting... Has its own powerful and hypnotic personality... Saxell's voice reminds a bit of a soft P.J. Harvey... I can't think of an album that I'd rather listen to in the evenings right now."

Urban daily paper
“It’s damn difficult to keep the intensity with so few means, but Saxell’s vocals pull the quirky sketches up to true beauty.”

Where2go magazine
“’always prattling on about wolves’ is a unique album in every way… Extremely addictive.

Politiken daily paper
"'always prattling on about wolves' is delicate and sensitive ... deserves attention."

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