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Monday, October 22, 2007

AKH in Dublin

The Hard Working Class Heroes festival in Dublin was a great success. A Kid Hereafter performed to around 800 people at the Tripod Complex.You can see a video of 7 Days Later performed live at the festival. Frederik and Captain Woman were interviewed by Sinister Pete from Phantom Radio in Dublin. If you like indie and alternative, especially up-tempo. click on the link and listen to Phantom: its a great station and you can be way up on the Irish acts of tomorrow. Pete also started playing The AKH single Hollywood Conspiracy on his morning show, so tune in online and hear the Dane rock Dublin. Special thanks to Brian, Angela, and Eimear from HCWH Festival- they were very kind and cool and the festival was extremely well organized, thanks again.

The band was in great shape especially considering how much Guinness had been consumed in the 48 hours up to the show. With no sound check and 25 minutes to display their goods, the gang took to the stage and quickly set up their gear.Even the best sound man in Denmark had his hands full with the six piece outfit. There is a lot of sound to tame at an AKH show.
As the show progressed the place filled up and the sound was getting better with each song and thats all that Frederik and crew needed to slowly take control and delight an enthusiastic audience.

AKH manages to play so many different styles in one show and make them all fit perfectly next to one another, they are a site to behold. From Grind to Classical seems like a stretch but it works.
Several new songs are in the live show wetting the appetite for the new album, Party for Religious People is a masterpiece.

Irish WE TV on RTE2 interviewed our kids as well. It was a fun interview, great questions and we cant wait to see it.


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